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Modern Crowns - Like this Charles and Diana piece, are worth face value.The Lincoln cent (technically, only Great Britain officially has a.The PCGS Price Guide is a comprehensive collection of numismatic coin values featuring current and historic coin prices, indexes, and graphs.

Copper Lincoln Memorial pennies made in 1982 (These weigh 3.11 grams versus 2.5 grams for the pennies made from copper-plated zinc).Hello, Love the site, I started going through BOXES of pennies from my grandmother and grandfather.As for a detailed list of error coins, you might find this link helpful, too.British coins on this page are arranged from the most valuable to the least valuable, and they are also shown in four major groups.

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I see some beautiful russet and possibly green toning on this coin.So now you have a good idea of which types of pennies to keep.This looks like a zinc-based, copper-coated Lincoln cent, and 1982 was the first year of this still-current metallic composition.Keep on checking your change — there are so many interesting coins in circulation.Get started with instant access to price, history, and grading guides for.The apparent double column you see is part of the design and replicates the area in the Lincoln Memorial where Lincoln is seen sitting in his huge chair.

I would like to know if it is worth anything, if so to whom may I contact to sell or if it is just face value.What should be said about the value of 2007 cents is that worn versions are worth face value (1 cent).An interesting anecdote here is the 1981 Philadelphia cent — millions of those blank planchets were washed by a detergent at the Mint, giving them a light, dull appearance that under certain lighting may look silvery.One Question: i have a 2009 Lincoln Presidency Penny and i dont know if it worth.Hey there josh found this coin its a 1959 d look to be ddo any value.It looks like the two coins were fashioned together after they left the Mint.As you might guess, a post-mint alteration like this means the coin is worth face value, though it might still be worth keeping if you find the piece particularly interesting.All of the penny boxes I got the uncirculated 90s in has coins in as good of condition from 60 to current.Hello i got e 1990 d quarter coin in not sure if it is an error can you help me tanks.

The 1990 Philadelphia cent (no mintmark) appears uncirculated and is worth about 10 cents.Actually, all Lincoln cents made before 1982 are worth more than face value (2 cents) due to their copper value.Save the values of the calculator to a cookie on your computer. - British Official Price for the years 1257 to 1945.Issues over 5 pounds are issued in silver and gold, and therefore carry bullion value.Hello Joshua, I just found an Indian Buffalo nickel but the date is gone.Hi.its me yvette agaiin i have about 436 one cent pennys how much do you think there worth.

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In worn condition, as yours is in, these pieces are worth face value.The 1970-S cent looks like a large date and is worth about 15 to 20 cents in uncirculated condition.All but the 1962-D cent is worth face value because those pieces are worn.The only reason to hold these coins is that they contain 95% copper and are worth about 1.7 cents each at current retail prices.Anybody can purchase a sheet of uncut bills and cut them themselves.You can read all about the four different bicentennial commemorative Lincoln cents here.The Bitcoin chart in USD on a logarithmic scale suggest that Bitcoin value could be at 10,000 USD next year.All the Lincoln wheat cents you mention are worth 3 to 5 cents each in typical worn condition, while Mint State 2009 Lincoln Bicentennial cents are worth around 10 cents each in standard uncirculated condition.

I do see some signs of post-mint circulation wear, and the things you see in the date are small gouges caused by hits taken by the coin when it was in circulation.Found this today the 1970 s look to be doubled on the b and the e the rest or the 1969 look like they have some doubling on them thank you for your time.

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England has been a member of the European Union since the mid 1970s, but euros were never adopted as currency.I do have some that are serious.a 1909 that is awesome ill post some more thanks for the info.Im new at coin collecting it has become a fascination with me I hope to learn a lot about the history of them.Most compelling to this aspect is the gouge at the top of the two rightmost columns, and the slash across the fifth column from the left.With the charts on this website you are able to see how the prices of the altcoins were going up or down.

So, what you have here are ordinary (but very well preserved) 1990 Philadelphia cents.

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This particular one illustrates the geographic outline of the state of Minnesota and is a novelty coin collectible worth around 25 cents.Yes, there is some type of chemical damage on the coin, and that is why it is mottled in appearance.Find historical gold coin charts, values, pricing, and an overall history of gold coins.Only in mint condition — uncirculated — would they be worth anything significantly more than that.You have a 2009 Lincoln Bicentennial cent — 1 of four different designs made during that year to honor the life and times of Abraham Lincoln.

Thank you josh what do u think of this the penny is a 1998 i think ddr and the othere one is a 2006 d bison nickel.I have 3 coins I hope you could give me feed back on them as far as error and value.Modern (post 1940) versions of these coins are usually made of non-precious metal and carry little value.

Hi Joshua I have a 1945 wheat back penny that on the front there is a deep hole that goes from the fore head area to the collar and above the hole level with the surface there are blobs of copper and two long drips of copper that extend across the hole.The circular pattern on the neck of Lincoln is post-mint damage likely caused by some type of torquing pressure.Cu, Zn, So, Ni or whatever but I am retired and no longer have access to it so I leave it to you.As you might know, cleaning these coins will reduce their value.Its a 1983-D Lincoln with the reverse of a quarter somehow punched into the obverse of this uncirculated coin.

Dollars values in this easy to use chart and see how much your.The 1969-S cents are also each worth 2 cents, with the one in the top photo exhibiting some signs of post-mint damage.Connaisseurs of British copper track all sorts of minor variations, varieties and departures from the regular strikes, and some of these command strong numismatic premiums.Get started with instant access to coin prices, history, and grading guides.I would like to please know the date of the Canadian cent so I can see if there are any attributed error varieties from that year.

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The staining and chipping on these Lincoln cents is due to environmental damage, and the coins are worth face value.There seems to be nothing out of the ordinary caused by the Mint.