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The vibrant, active gaming community in the world that enjoys eSports games has increased steadily over the years, and gamers have continued to be a major market for.Elisabeth Murdoch is the daughter of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, while Shari Redstone is the daughter of Sumner Redstone whose family is a majority owner of several media groups including CBS Corp., Viacom, and MTV Networks.The new daily esports fantasy site launched in Australia and will soon be available throughout the world.This eSports Platform Will Disrupt Gambling With Cryptocurrency As interest in eSports continues to grow, it is no surprise to see one online betting platforms are.

There is an undeniable correlation between eSports and cryptocurrency, albeit it needs to be explored further.Gatecoin Launches Trading on eSports Cryptocurrency. be part of the first eSports dapp on.Seattle-based bookmaker, Unikrn is set to launch its own cryptocurrency known as UnikoinGold, which can be used for transactions and placing bets.

TabCorp, the largest betting company in Australia is also an investor.Subscribe to Podcast on iTunes on Android via RSS Recent Posts.Cryptocurrency is a digital currency in which encryption. which allows users to bet on e-sports in regulated markets and win prizes in markets where.Breakout Gaming Adds BreakoutPvP eSports Site to Its Cryptocurrency Ecosystem Breakout Gaming has announced the launch of.The future of cryptocurrency and sports is bright. this is a platform for eSports on the.

The universal Ethereum based cryptocurrency for trading game skins.Esports are a form of competition that is facilitated by electronic systems, in this case, video games. Coincheck Cryptocurrency Exchange.Our improved eSports betting system is creating a new world of opportunity for cryptocurrency wagering that.

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Cryptocurrency Comes To Esports: Betting Site Unikrn Launches ICO.Herosphere is announcing its ICO for HEROcoin, an Ethereum based cryptocurrency designed to take the middleman out of e-sports and gambling transactions.

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An open environment for discussing the business and industry of esports, however game-specific updates in the context of why they are important.This is precisely the opportunity that eBoost Society is taking advantage of in order to release the first ever eSports cryptocurrency.Sood founded Voodoo, which manufactures high-end computers for video games, when he was in high school.How traditional sports moving into esports is going to raise the bar for both types of sports.By Gertrude Chavez-Dreyfuss NEW YORK (Reuters) - Unikrn, a U.S. sports betting digital platform backed by some of the biggest names in media, entertainment and sports.

How Unikrn launched 3 years ago and where it sits in the market as a global company.The world of eSports depends heavily on player vs player and.

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Other Sports Geek podcast episodes you might be interested in.Blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions underpinning the original online currency bitcoin.Not many know this, but this month was the most important video game or gaming event of the year.


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NEW YORK, Aug 17- Unikrn, a U.S. sports betting digital platform backed by some of the biggest names in media, entertainment and sports, will launch.

Esports-only betting operator Unikrn launched an Initial Coin Offering for its own cryptocurrency, but pitfalls could be ahead in esports.

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